Monday, December 22, 2008

Tower of Silence: Lost and Found and Lost Again

Well, I found it, at last, right HERE, ....unfortunately, I can't access it. Sort of like it's adrift in the Superman Phantom Zone. Weird ... @anyway, whatever happened to it, it's contents were erased before being sent into prison/exile. That was some small mercy. I think.

Here's another, later rendition & formatting of the same site:

I've found an echo of that old blog, in it's near=terminal iteration, before it was mysteriously deleted, and all content lost. Take special note of the voice being used there, near the end of it all. I believe it was an adopted tour guide expression; a 'crypt keeper' if ya will. The site linked below hosts a single page, which is like another, separate shard in that same prism-prison,., floating, outside of time and space, around thru the web-o-sphere.... unhinged, and unmanned...

 So's, what happened? -this is the only question remaining to be answered, and full closure can't take place until it is. Whose responsible, if any?? Deep Searching over past hiring and fill-in positers, I do believe we have almost come full-circle, from a time and place 3-or-4 yrs. earlier. 8-9 in real, expanded time. It was:


Feb., of 1999, but maybe 2000.
Yeti 2005 was the Crash
I haven't the day of the week;
 & the temp. brought in
to roll out the latest entry, 
was hired under the placement heading of:

"Kelly hopes to have a career in public relations after graduation and believes her experience at the Series will give her an edge that other new graduates may not have when they enter the job search arena.

'It will certainly give me a greater appreciation of the word, 'work' -- what it means when people gripe about it and when they slough off,' said the perpetually amiable young woman.

Since her internship is unpaid, Kelly also works part-time at a local motel, providing hospitality to weary travelers for an evening or a week, while at the same time trying to ward off those wishing to book rooms by the hour.

What free time she does have is spent with her family or volunteering. Kelly has been on various society committees in W.C., for the past five years, serving as activities coordinator. A new slate of 'Goofy Games' activities is in the planning stages, designed for people from ages 5 to 75. Her initial idea is to organize a game of Twister in a small pool of Jell-O. Great for toddlers and seniors alike!"

She never turned back in the codes, she kept them! And later hacked, to settle a score. Of what kind? I don't even know, now.

I hope this clears up the confusion... of just what on earth happened-- I don't know what i/we were thinking. Interns, what 'R' you gonna do...??

moving in the dark

Friday, November 21, 2008

"Who, Where, When, What and WhyinHowland???"

She exclaimed..... However she did it----Foxy got away.

> in future posts, I'll recall this wasn't the first time, but may be the last (?), so here 'We' are... this was a Fri., keep in mind-


 Then, the next wk.,as all seems in order, A...

Wednesday, in 2008, goes some-thing like this;

    I thought this would be a cheery first post:

 Idk, what else it was--> but, 'The fox scampered down...'

I have found it & here it goes:(edie)

Scamper slyly there
To the brambles down
'Neath the scent of fear.

The hounds run to and
Fro. Snarling, ever
Drooling, for your blood.
---Sed L. (anon)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lon Flamey on Brothers

Lon Flamey, my old comrade-in-Arms & reviews (Col Mongol; Here) has posted a new movie review, I like to keep up with his meanderings, mutations. Enjoy (he has some others there as well):
O 'Brodre' Where Art Thou

Mood: Ripe, Succulent

RE: 2004 Danish Drama (Brothers; eng. trans.)

It is easy to see the connection between Cinema-Verite and the later Dogme 95. The various international styles of documentary film making that arose by the early 60's, as well as later evolutions, most particularly how the different styles led to more and more documentary fictionalization. This can be seen to have led directly over the years to such and effort of docu-fictional film making as embodied in the rules of Dogme 95. I seem to recall Steven Spielberg, in a documentary piece on the shooting of the film 'Saving Private Ryan,' may have been espousing his dedication to the rules of Dogme 95 in his use of hand held cameras and shooting on the actual locations where WWII actions happened.
Of course, if he took 'The Vow of Chastity,' then he broke some of the rules. Most notably the temporal rule in number 7, as well as the genre movie one embodied in number 8. While a very different kind of WWII epic, still an historical war movie. But, hey, he's Steven Spielberg and everyone else isn't. At any rate, Susanne Bier did maintain a pretty close adherence to the rules as laid out in the Dogme 95 code of conduct.
'Brothers' was effectively quite a well made film, and while shooting with seemingly limited accessories, did not at all convey any lack thereof. Shot on location, though, in both Denmark and Afghanistan, she does seem to have broken a few rules in its bi-location origination, and it may be that while this is a contemporary film, it could still be at least partially considered a war film. That aside, it did not flashback, thus avoiding creating a temporal alienation. The eye and grain and water shots don't really seem to qualify for temporal, much less geographical, alienation.
The movie doesn't flashback, because it doesn't have to, as we are already made party to the critical 'past' events as viewers of Michael's captivity in Afghanistan. Whether or not some or most of the other characters were absolutely essential to the drama and message of the film, though to its storyline they were, the one character who was absolutely essential was Jannick.
As juxtaposed against the upstanding Michael, his younger brother provided the perfect spar, and thus measuring stick with which to measure the depth of Michael's own fall. And, thankfully, it ended when it did, before the confessions made it to the screen.It was an interesting picture of their Afghan captors, and one that was none too flattering. If in fact the director was of a more leftist or sympathetic third world bent, then her portrayal of the Afghans was not up to standards of such a worldview. Nonetheless, that was not the main focus of the film, and therefore not as readily relevant.Suffice it to say that this fictionalized account of modern war had me wondering just how many such situations as those faced primarily by the combatants, but also by their civilian relations, were and have been played out in reality in this recent past, and continue to be so currently.