Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Flight of the (blank(?)

Guess Who? Not, the band,

On the run? running--
oR, come sail away!
the Concord? -- yeah, no...
tHe Condor?
Extinction... solution?
take The Last Train, too..
Oh, hell, yes,
This guy just can't give it a rest :(>

So, next it was:

Monday, in cold January, of 2009,

Napster fell, already, almost inconceivable it went as long as it did,
remember, wemeem? umeem, we all scream for imeem=
once MySpace rolled them into 1, it was only a matter of...

about a girl:


                 {vbut not like thisv}
Antique VD poster
...and she was like, 'you don't need that'...

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Duel: The Jolly Losers vs. The Darwin Awards


The Jolly Losers
by Cleftus Lopp
Poetry of an autobiographical nature-
Submitte: w/out tags
swap verse rhyming sequence

Reaping the garden of another's growing,
They scorn the sweat of other's brow.
Why have I been so wearily sowing?
Playing carelessly since the day's dawning,
Pining hungrily for the harvest, now
Reaping the garden of another's growing.
Leave me just a crumb, knowing
Not what I'm to do, or ever how.
Why have I been so wearily sowing?
Pressure increases from a bully's gloating,
Am I to be pastured as a lowing cow?
Reaping the garden of another's growing,
There is never enough of desperate giving
To cause their mouths to drop -- 'Wow!'
Why have I been so wearily sowing?
I think I'll turn tonight these tables groaning
Without so much as a mealy bow,
Reaping the garden of another's growing
Why have I been so wearily sowing?

My brother's boss's cousin, mouthing off (not uncommon, the world groans) with his usual illiterate bravado (just scroll down to Cleftus Lopp, it was a bad day when Interwebs were run out to the trailer park). I think Cleftus even embarrasses his cousin, and thatss a hard thing to do-- this is why I left bios to the end.

What they are battling for:

Certificate award

Darwin couldn't even come up with this - 

Darwin, Take: Salty (edit)

by Filip Tha Toole
description: Not actually in this book, but my own take on a former shipmates untimely and unlikely end, which could've been in this book - haha.
tags: darwin-awards, fan-like-fic, poem

Darwin Award - Take: Salty (edit)
Chapter 1   —   Updated Aug 19   —   487 characters
Drinking deep of the nog
on a night of no fog,
the first mate spied a date
with which he tried to mate.
She had the arms of a sleek,
glistening swarm,
alas they were too many
and her lust much too plenty.
He mistook her for a mermaid
but maid she not be.
Devoured she he in the bow
he made --- be,
of a bed of seaweed.
She then swept o'er the railing
and wept in the sea,
and now he does sail,
eternally asleep
'neath the waves with his octopi
darling away in the deep.

This is Philip Tha. Toole...  Dyslexic pacifist == Formerly a page, blogger, currently serving in Merchant Marines, hope to return to service one day... 'I ran off to sea to make me a man, a man I don't know but was oft off to see'.

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