Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Flight of the (blank(?)

Guess Who? Not, the band,

On the run? running--
oR, come sail away!
the Concord? -- yeah, no...
tHe Condor?
Extinction... solution?
take The Last Train, too..
Oh, hell, yes,
This guy just can't give it a rest :(>

So, next it was:

Monday, in cold January, of 2009,

Napster fell, already, almost inconceivable it went as long as it did,
remember, wemeem? umeem, we all scream for imeem=
once MySpace rolled them into 1, it was only a matter of...

about a girl:


                 {vbut not like thisv}
Antique VD poster
...and she was like, 'you don't need that'...

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