Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh, That's So Gorey!

The Autumnal season is upon us once more, and this inevitably brings to mind one of my all-time favorite artists: Edward Gorey. It seems like forever and a day since his works have graced my correspondence, or I have graced his works ... or maybe we've just crossed paths: one he graced, the other I scuffed up w/ surly, talentless heels. How-which-why-ever, it was an occurrence beginning with the All Hallows Eve celebration----someone always has me in mind for this time:

...and continuing as continuums do thru year's end and the coming of the Yule and a new one:

Snow, ice, death and bizarre garden parties are the themes which come most to mind and which, oddly, others of my acquaintance seem to associate me with. Gorey and I, kindred spirits, I say ... oh, and toss in a bit of Chas. Addams to top it off!
Chas Addams

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Vape, Therefore I Am...Still

"My fire was smoking yesterday afternoon at dusk, will understand that I was not in the least
disposed to see a ghost, though I was rather far
advanced on asphyxiation."
--Robertson Davies, 'Revelations from a Smoky Fire'

:to avoide such a fate:  Get with it--

--brought to you by a boy named Suu...

jin suu  
He had all the components:
*electronic cigarette
*battery component
*refill cartridges
*liquid nicotine
*power line, 
but for all this and the *will to quit,
he lacked one thing which eluded him,
searching high and low it could not
be found outside of sleep and the REM 
jammers that curdle dreams into...

[private post] My Scariest Nightmare

  • Sep. 27th, 2010 at 10:44 PM
Ephemeral beings have arisen from someplace, somehow, to the surface. Encased in body armor/environmental suits, which are stronger than anything known, they attack. Very hard to kill, they are, all of us townsfolk are on the run, heading for safety. They pursue, numerous shots must be taken, but to what purpose? We know not. They drive catcher cars, chasing people out of the cities and into the hills and forests. The survivors regroup into a new community structure and discover that bullets and grenades of salt water and ammonia gas can wipe the ephemerals out if their armor is pierced. In which case they will simply mist away. But how?


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    (Anonymous) ( 
    Sep. 28th, 2010 06:38 am (UTC)
    I've had these similar type of dreams before, all I can ever think to do is run away, but then I just fall down, try to get up, but then fall down again. It's like I'm tilted, skirting the side of a hill, everything is slanted like that. No strange beings chasing me that I can recall. Doesn't mean their not there.

    Arturo Pimm (
    Mass action on comments:
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

After Hours in The Zone

Aug 8, 2010
Current mood:productive
(for further MS Imprimatur)
{And, the fine print read:

'Every once in a while, or once in a blue moon ... or purple, or green moon (I can hear those little Keebler/Doritos elves chip-chip-chipping away to fulfill our cheese needs - haha), or what have you, one comes across a nearly meticulous 'handbook' of relevant do's and dont's as they relate to those fields under the scrutiny of my chosen profession: Mystery Shopper.
The object of my scrutiny here is a classic tale from The Twilight Zone, episode entitled: The After Hours. At any rate, the particulars are as follows: the mannequins of a certain department store come to life, each singly and for one month, or week, a year (cannot now recall the duration, but no matter), at which time they set out into the human world to interact, to experience - heh, just to live! 
Now, this particular case involves the 'what happens' when one of the mannequins forgets they are a manny (my shorthand for their kind, and more on this in a bit), and re-enters her forgotten abode of aforementioned dept. store and the misplaced identity mayhem, even terror, that ensues.
To wit, and I will tick off for you here some of the more egregious departures from form which the management and employees of this store commit. Departures, I might add, which are wholly unacceptable to the maintenance of proper retail order and customer experience. I will call attention to but a few, as this case is absolutely riddled with institutional sloppiness.

'Firstly: I am always one to appreciate the character type of this store's sales supervisor, here named Armbruster, a typical type of the supervisory class. A fussy/prissy fellow of perhaps more energy than brains. Far more, in fact, as it tends to leave his kind charging about with a head full of steam locking horns with any and all who crosses his path.
And the store's manager, named Mr. Sloan, serves as an UNable foil for the feisty Armbruster - which is absolutely disastrous ... for the failure to adequately rein in one such as Armbruster. This leads to, and I've encountered this time and again, run-amok supervision where more often than not it isn't just the employees who suffer chaotic wrath, but inevitably this spills over to scorch the customers as well.
If t'were my call, I'd demote one such as Armbruster down to a mere department or station head (busted down in rank, as it were), in order to send a necessary message, acceptance of which could eventually lead back up promotionally should this dose of 'people skills' ritalin take effective hold. Sloan, however, should be sacked!

'Secondly: Now we get to a specific instance where flighty hyper-activity (Armbruster) and stolid detachment (Sloan), produce one of the most egregious, and dangerous, lapses in not only customer service, but customer safety, which I have ever witnessed.
Marsha, seemingly a customer, but in reality a manny, is (having suffered a nervous breakdown and allowed to lay down on a sofa in the back offices) locked IN the store having fallen asleep and been utterly forgotten by  the staff and management.
To make matters worse, if memory serves, she is locked in the 3rd floor complaints department where she had earlier confronted the aforementioned Armbruster and Sloan over the previous purchase of a damaged thimble.
There are a number of things about this situation which raises red flags galore.
#1. Inability to settle the complaint and/or have a distraught shopper surreptitiously and adequately pacified and removed (preferably by her own will) from the premises falls squarely on the head of management.
#2. Allowing, in this case, a young woman to sleep in the offices of, well, anywhere in the store, as this would easily lend itself to a possible future sexual exploitation lawsuit. 'nuff said.
#3. How on earth does one lose track of such a customer and lock them up for the night on the company's property? I can scarcely imagine a worse set of scenarios the head honchos will have to confront - tho unemployment looms.

'Thirdly: And the last point I would like to address is quality control. However, at this point, my concerns delve away from the employee quality control realm and into the mannequin quality control sector.
Indeed, it occurred to me when Marsha the manny suggested the store needed an "efficiency expert" (forerunners of my profession and a point which I wholeheartedly agree with), but having covered a few areas of 'human' incompetence, if not malfeasance, how about rules and regs governing the behavior of mannequins?
As a matter of fact, it was Marsha's dereliction of manny protocol , when she overstayed her sojourn out into the real folks world, which led to subsequent uproar around which this case revolves.
Should there not be some form of censure passed down onto the recalcitrant mannys? And, if so, who is to adjudicate these measures? Should it be left entirely in the sculpted hands of the mannys themselves? Or, should biological humans, specifically the stores in which they are employed (well, not really employed, erm, rather stationed) have a say in such matters?
These are vitally important questions which I will leave you with to ponder deeply, and hopefully, productively.'

The Twilight Zone: The  After Hours
courtesy: *fanpop*

5:34 PM
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Monday, July 12, 2010

500 Hats are 495 too many

as my 1st cousin thrice removed Bartholomew Pew like to say. He only had 5, and needed no more, though he once tried to change his name to 'Pewbins', but was talked out of it. His request for legal changeiture would've ben denied anyhow.

Dr Seuss

Messy, messy, Mellor was always such a messssssssssss..........

 Whence they came... for those unacquainted, un--initiated...

  • Jul. 26th, 2010 at 8:50 PM
When they first came all was emptiness. Save for the non-sentient creatures of the world, who themselves had placed, replaced and misplaced one another; species upon species for millennia. Even eons, epochs if you will, and can. Without thought, natural, a nascent and nadiric progression of ages, until the sentients came. They came from the earth, from within the earth were they spewed forth and so arose their creation myth, nay religion, of being of the land, for they were from the land. Earth was their mother, and sky? Sky father he may have been, but to others ’sky father’ would reign the more supreme. To these that came first they would ever instinctually refer and revert back to the earthen womb from whence they wandered…



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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

<The Gauntleted Beast
' fr. but it was Malware and auto-erased tho I didn't want it to be b/c I thought it might have some future, academic & intrinsic value but this stupid-durrr software auto saves everything and so now I'm going to uninstall it and smash my comp 4 good measure...!

Monday, May 31, 2010

In Memoriam: Nero Wolfe

Since it is Memorial Day, I'd like to offer up a few thoughts on someone whom I'd like to memorialize ... Mr. Nero Wolfe. Now, I realize this is a day for honoring military members, past and present, but I felt that Nero's service to justice (and, at times, at great personal risk) merited a mention on this day, formerly known as Decoration Day. And while he will never truly be gone, his literary life deserves a salute.
So many traits does he possess which I have pursued to share in through my career; from his artistic outlook, his sedentary gourmandizing, not to mention keen intellect ... it was all brought home to me our similarities whilst reading this particular passage from the chronicle of one of his cases, Fer-de-Lance, as laid out by his narrative associate, Archie Goodwin, who observed:

"I spread open a first section on the desk before him and he pulled himself up in his chair to hunch over it. It was like seeing a hippopotamus in the zoo get up for a feed."

HaHa! My own chronicler, Stanley Greene, made this observation in our case, The Arch-Enemy:

"There was a smear of blood on both their foreheads, so I was unable to tell whose it was. Marvin grinned savagely, but Joe manned up with a grim determination, and charged back into the fray. Marvin read his intent and met him, both large bodies slamming chest to chest. It was like the Hungry Hippo mosh pit."........

Yes, yes indeed! The only areas on which we suffer any kind of real difference are on the subjects of orchids, and beer. Those particular flowers, I can take 'em or leave 'em. Yet, considering Mr. Wolfe's considerable palate, I would greatly encourage the switch to wine over beer, and here's a useful little tool that could help in the strategizing of meals prepared by Fritz:

......if (WIDGETBOX) WIDGETBOX.renderWidget('13fe1502-0405-4ccd-87ca-2c25f91136c0');....>Get the Wine & Food Matcher widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info)..>

Meh: Widget didn't post properly, but the link is still there so you get my point. I'll have to simply lay this at the feet of Myspace = a notoriously cantankerous site when it comes to the insertion of some outside media...

LOL --> And here he is, how VERY Apropos:

7:49 PM
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    • Leeza - Animal, Poet
      I devoured the Wolfe mysteries but not so much because I admired the misogynistic, claustrophobic-living fat fellow, but because I revered Archie.
      1 year ago 

       [taken from the diaries of Joe Q. Lopp]

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Madmen 'R Us, Endorse: Constancy & Skiing

America's laxative mineral water 

It dawned on me suddenly as I read this passage from Georges Simonen's book, 'The Madman of Bergerac,':

"Is this an interrogation? In that case I warn you..."
"Take it easy, doctor. Don't forget that I've nothing to do the whole day long. And I'm used to living in a whirl of activity.
So I've invented a little game to keep my mind busy. It's called 'Madman'... And you'll admit there's nothing to prevent a doctor being a madman or a madman a doctor. It's even said that all mental specialists are their own patients. Nor is there anything to prevent a public prosecutor...?"
He heard the doctor whisper to Madame Maigret: "He hasn't been drinking, has he?"

As w/ M. Maigret, so it is w/ myself: I have not been drinking, but rather formulating my energies into a more productive venue, namely:

    'The Petition

We, the undersigned, do hereby request that Mattel (or Milton Bradley, or some other games maker to be named later) create a game to be entitled 'Madman' based upon that which was espoused by Jules Maigret during his investigations in The Madman of Bergerac (Le Fou de Bergerac). Since its original publication was 1932, we feel this has been long neglected and is well overdue The layout and design principles of the game (as long as original characters are included, but not excluded to) are left entirely to the discretion of the publisher. Please undertake this project asap. Thank you!'

And here is the link should you care to sign:

Thank you for your participation

played by Jose Ferrer,
Ancestor of Madman..?

skiing poster
Add caption: for if you don't have time for a game.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sonic Tater Taunt, 'Oops

Well, here's an even better taunt-->--one person you won't find in there, but maybe Oz, MrMetall{geek love}: recommendation-->

GooooPs - karmic stalker? (edit)


When Published on 2009-07-15////delayed until the next yr.,


What? description(drop-down 'aiku)



Why? This is really what we were told. I will put down all of it here, word for word as it comes back to me. Let me think... oh, okay:
karmic stalker?
Chapter 1   —   Updated Oct 02, 2012   —   767 characters
"I think I may have accidentally sent an invite to Goop, which brought to mind this from when I accidentally subscribed to that newsletter, and then could not successfully spam it to block it. What to do, what to do ... ?

"GP was reminiscing about an evening w/ Emiril Legasse(sp) and I came across this remark submitted by my old friend Bartle Soe:

'Alright! Sounds like it was a wonderful din. Emiril's son really did Elvis? LOL! My nephew luvs Emiril, always had. Did he go, "Bam!" Oh, wow. Unfortunately, I can't mix onions and saffron, it inflames my colon. But the recipe sounds great. I'll have to employ my imaginary senses instead. Keep up the fab work!""

Yrs. Trly,