Monday, March 22, 2010

Sonic Tater Taunt, 'Oops

Well, here's an even better taunt-->--one person you won't find in there, but maybe Oz, MrMetall{geek love}: recommendation-->

GooooPs - karmic stalker? (edit)


When Published on 2009-07-15////delayed until the next yr.,


What? description(drop-down 'aiku)



Why? This is really what we were told. I will put down all of it here, word for word as it comes back to me. Let me think... oh, okay:
karmic stalker?
Chapter 1   —   Updated Oct 02, 2012   —   767 characters
"I think I may have accidentally sent an invite to Goop, which brought to mind this from when I accidentally subscribed to that newsletter, and then could not successfully spam it to block it. What to do, what to do ... ?

"GP was reminiscing about an evening w/ Emiril Legasse(sp) and I came across this remark submitted by my old friend Bartle Soe:

'Alright! Sounds like it was a wonderful din. Emiril's son really did Elvis? LOL! My nephew luvs Emiril, always had. Did he go, "Bam!" Oh, wow. Unfortunately, I can't mix onions and saffron, it inflames my colon. But the recipe sounds great. I'll have to employ my imaginary senses instead. Keep up the fab work!""

Yrs. Trly,