Monday, March 22, 2010

Sonic Tater Taunt, 'Oops

Well, here's an even better taunt-->--one person you won't find in there, but maybe Oz, MrMetall{geek love}: recommendation-->

GooooPs - karmic stalker? (edit)


When Published on 2009-07-15////delayed until the next yr.,


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Why? This is really what we were told. I will put down all of it here, word for word as it comes back to me. Let me think... oh, okay:
karmic stalker?
Chapter 1   —   Updated Oct 02, 2012   —   767 characters
"I think I may have accidentally sent an invite to Goop, which brought to mind this from when I accidentally subscribed to that newsletter, and then could not successfully spam it to block it. What to do, what to do ... ?

"GP was reminiscing about an evening w/ Emiril Legasse(sp) and I came across this remark submitted by my old friend Bartle Soe:

'Alright! Sounds like it was a wonderful din. Emiril's son really did Elvis? LOL! My nephew luvs Emiril, always had. Did he go, "Bam!" Oh, wow. Unfortunately, I can't mix onions and saffron, it inflames my colon. But the recipe sounds great. I'll have to employ my imaginary senses instead. Keep up the fab work!""

Yrs. Trly,



shmouffy said...

Hey man, I can appreciate ur sentments, but better keep it cool, don't want the man to see this kinda stuff, y'know ;)

Curler Belfry McGill said...

HaHa! He is such a know-it-all, especially about this theme. Hell, tons of 'em, really-

shmouffy said...

LOL - yeah right, Lopp doesn't know sh!t about sports!

Curler Belfry McGill said...

I know, I know it, lol

shmouffy said...

At least Stan is somewhat LESS clueless than his master XD

Curler Belfry McGill said...

But only SOMEWHAT--

Curler Belfry McGill said...
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Joe Lopp said...

It is amazing what one can finding wandering the Webs. Not for a moment, young man, should you think you have 'pulled the wool' over this old codgers eyes. I am very familiar w/ your sentiments, and in fact, share them in the opposite direction. For the sake of your brother, my doorman, however, let this not get too carried away. If he were to show the same insolence as you in his insubordination to work in my service he would find himself out on his duff right quicky... codpiece?