Thursday, April 15, 2010

Madmen 'R Us, Endorse: Constancy & Skiing

America's laxative mineral water 

It dawned on me suddenly as I read this passage from Georges Simonen's book, 'The Madman of Bergerac,':

"Is this an interrogation? In that case I warn you..."
"Take it easy, doctor. Don't forget that I've nothing to do the whole day long. And I'm used to living in a whirl of activity.
So I've invented a little game to keep my mind busy. It's called 'Madman'... And you'll admit there's nothing to prevent a doctor being a madman or a madman a doctor. It's even said that all mental specialists are their own patients. Nor is there anything to prevent a public prosecutor...?"
He heard the doctor whisper to Madame Maigret: "He hasn't been drinking, has he?"

As w/ M. Maigret, so it is w/ myself: I have not been drinking, but rather formulating my energies into a more productive venue, namely:

    'The Petition

We, the undersigned, do hereby request that Mattel (or Milton Bradley, or some other games maker to be named later) create a game to be entitled 'Madman' based upon that which was espoused by Jules Maigret during his investigations in The Madman of Bergerac (Le Fou de Bergerac). Since its original publication was 1932, we feel this has been long neglected and is well overdue The layout and design principles of the game (as long as original characters are included, but not excluded to) are left entirely to the discretion of the publisher. Please undertake this project asap. Thank you!'

And here is the link should you care to sign:

Thank you for your participation

played by Jose Ferrer,
Ancestor of Madman..?

skiing poster
Add caption: for if you don't have time for a game.

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