Saturday, December 3, 2011

Prison Pen Pals

Many moons gone by I was a ghosting Pen Pal to soul's in far reaches who were, if one put one's ear to the wind, crying out a lonely lonely as quite like me! I do not recall the locales from which these cries came by way of air parcel postage....but was I a good listening post across the waves or a solid stump....just sitting, thinking, wooden? Well, I can't quite conjure up a clear picture as of nows, and of such missives passed to and yonder have since been lost. I like to think I was----that I was there, sorta, real, kinda. No-- who am I fooling? Myself. I was not good @ corro...just wasn't---no 2xWays about it.

In anys, time passes....

I do always like to keep in mind those less fortunate than myself during this time of the year. You can believe that I feel badly for the homeless, but also others who are in their own way, home-less. And that would be prisoners. Lord knows I work with so many unfortunates in the institution where I spend the balance of my week, but many of them don't know where they even are, or who they are, much less what time of year it may be. So it always seemed to me that it fell hardest on those incarcerated with their wits still about them. A couple of years ago I decided to do something to try to ease the burden and made contact with some prison pen pals. Here are a few examples,

prison pen pal

What I wrote: "G,... It must be incredibly tiresome and lonely to be incarcerated, and the date your profile gave for time of release seems to be just under a decade away ... I just really cannot see how a person copes with their loss of freedom. Maybe that is what prompted me to try to contact an inmate, my own personal dread of such a situation"

prison pen pal

The reply I got back, from C (??): "Hello and how are you? I know you are thinking who is this? Let me explain ... I am a very close friend of G's, G has decided to reunite with her ex-husband. ... Off and on for years I also was on anti-depressants..."

So, you can see that sometimes things do not go as planned, I had to seriously reconsider sending my own photo in the initial letter I sent. The price pf honesty, maybe...but it is the thought that counts most! Have a good one+

Friday, March 25, 2011

Super Moon-----and the Search for Joanie Cunningham

Simply, Super... in Blue~ 2011

Shout out to: W. Hermann -a.k.a. 'Bluegass' :altho- he has it the other way...

{Hermann Blugas is one of those guys who can be described as difficult, irascible...
asshole, I suppose. What has always brought us into at least some form 
of camaraderie is a mutual dislike---not really the best of reasons 
to form a -somewhat- 'admiration' society, but what're ya 
gonna do. I'll link here one of his better pieces of work 
that went largely unrecognized in the, now--which
was then, dated Search for Joanie Cunningham
:::from 2012}

This is an facsimile extract, providing an idea of who 
Blugas was professionally, but also as a person except 
some details have been blotto'd to protect..., 
whoever(?). At Malgren's Pharmacy:

"He chugged up his aisle, as I ran up mine. I beat him to the entrance, yet for all his heft he did keep up fairly well. The scene before us was of Burt having apparently been apprehended by a security guard. The hoodie, by contrast, was nowhere in sight.

“What the devil?!” Joe swore, then came to a lurching halt, a look of startled recognition on his face. “Blue-Gass!”

“Oh, well, hell.” The security guard smirked, gently smacking a black baton in the palm of one hand. “If it ain't the Loppster. Crawled out of your boiling pot again, I see. Hech.” He finished with a coarse laugh.

W. Hermann Blugas was his name, and rent-a-cop was his game. And, believe me when I say, all of the jokes about security guards that you've ever heard, apply one hundred-fold to Blugas. He was a large man, like Joe, but (I'm forced to admit) more fit. Yet while his was a wannabe commando/martial arts-type training, Joe's dumpy form was a machine finely honed by more sedentary, intellectual pursuits and ruse practices. And, thus superior, at least to my way of thinking."

---     ----          ----          ----           ----             ---            ---         -----           -----         ---

*I want to juxtapose the above Supermoon w/ these shots from the 2017 Eclipse, not full but 50-60% from where taken w/ a phone grab thru one lens of eclipse viewing glasses so as not to fry the camera. 

Baleful eye


moon afire;

sweep me


distant gyre:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ozzie & Harriet Gone Shoppin’

***Another in the Series of Consumer 'Fraud' Warnings I like to Provide***

[curated elsewhere] March 16, 2011 at 6:07 am (Mystery Shopping, Ozzie & Harriet) (1957, advertising gimmicks, classic television, golden age commercialization, jingles, Mr. Frisbee, mystery shopper, prizes) ·

Great, great Mystery Shopper episode from The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, circa 1950s (1957, I believe). Now this was truly the golden age of both TV and Commercialization (mystery shops, jingles, etc). And, identify the MS was one of the best (hardly used for many years, it made a bit of a comeback fairly recently), advertising gimmick, to be sure, but they have and still do draw them in with the lure of prizes. Never Fails!

The black hood was a wonderfully medieval prop, and Mr. Frisbee (oh, the irony!) was another deliciously fussy little fella — HaHa. Quite the surprise at the end with twists and turns and an unintentional double-cross. Oh sure, the humor is awfully staid and the crowd laughter canned, but still good, clean fun no matter the corny-ness.

And, Fab-Old commercials, too!

To Read: TheManWhoSavedBritain: APersonalJourneyintotheDisturbingWorldofJamesBond, by: Simon Winder
James Bond book

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baron Book Slug claims, "वेयर आईटी" ...this was when it all Began

It cannot be overlook'd, that while he is small, the proprietor of Mini Book Me, he speaks with a big voice, or with big words in a small voice that requires a megaphone....>>yet he also gets his acct. blocked from time-to-time as he publishes therein coveted information about the very best, and most secret, in the über-competitive world of miniature book collecting.


across a littered, scarred plain.............
aSpire for more, but not in Vane, let it be......

The Baron has a way w/ his mini book collection, only kind he goes for: MiniBookMe Proprietor website Maurice Sendak mini book