Friday, March 25, 2011

Super Moon-----and the Search for Joanie Cunningham

Simply, Super... in Blue~ 2011

Shout out to: W. Hermann -a.k.a. 'Bluegass' :altho- he has it the other way...

{Hermann Blugas is one of those guys who can be described as difficult, irascible...
asshole, I suppose. What has always brought us into at least some form 
of camaraderie is a mutual dislike---not really the best of reasons 
to form a -somewhat- 'admiration' society, but what're ya 
gonna do. I'll link here one of his better pieces of work 
that went largely unrecognized in the, now--which
was then, dated Search for Joanie Cunningham
:::from 2012}

This is an facsimile extract, providing an idea of who 
Blugas was professionally, but also as a person except 
some details have been blotto'd to protect..., 
whoever(?). At Malgren's Pharmacy:

"He chugged up his aisle, as I ran up mine. I beat him to the entrance, yet for all his heft he did keep up fairly well. The scene before us was of Burt having apparently been apprehended by a security guard. The hoodie, by contrast, was nowhere in sight.

“What the devil?!” Joe swore, then came to a lurching halt, a look of startled recognition on his face. “Blue-Gass!”

“Oh, well, hell.” The security guard smirked, gently smacking a black baton in the palm of one hand. “If it ain't the Loppster. Crawled out of your boiling pot again, I see. Hech.” He finished with a coarse laugh.

W. Hermann Blugas was his name, and rent-a-cop was his game. And, believe me when I say, all of the jokes about security guards that you've ever heard, apply one hundred-fold to Blugas. He was a large man, like Joe, but (I'm forced to admit) more fit. Yet while his was a wannabe commando/martial arts-type training, Joe's dumpy form was a machine finely honed by more sedentary, intellectual pursuits and ruse practices. And, thus superior, at least to my way of thinking."

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*I want to juxtapose the above Supermoon w/ these shots from the 2017 Eclipse, not full but 50-60% from where taken w/ a phone grab thru one lens of eclipse viewing glasses so as not to fry the camera. 

Baleful eye


moon afire;

sweep me


distant gyre:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ozzie & Harriet Gone Shoppin’

***Another in the Series of Consumer 'Fraud' Warnings I like to Provide***

[curated elsewhere] March 16, 2011 at 6:07 am (Mystery Shopping, Ozzie & Harriet) (1957, advertising gimmicks, classic television, golden age commercialization, jingles, Mr. Frisbee, mystery shopper, prizes) ·

Great, great Mystery Shopper episode from The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, circa 1950s (1957, I believe). Now this was truly the golden age of both TV and Commercialization (mystery shops, jingles, etc). And, identify the MS was one of the best (hardly used for many years, it made a bit of a comeback fairly recently), advertising gimmick, to be sure, but they have and still do draw them in with the lure of prizes. Never Fails!

The black hood was a wonderfully medieval prop, and Mr. Frisbee (oh, the irony!) was another deliciously fussy little fella — HaHa. Quite the surprise at the end with twists and turns and an unintentional double-cross. Oh sure, the humor is awfully staid and the crowd laughter canned, but still good, clean fun no matter the corny-ness.

And, Fab-Old commercials, too!

To Read: TheManWhoSavedBritain: APersonalJourneyintotheDisturbingWorldofJamesBond, by: Simon Winder
James Bond book

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Scrooge McDuck: Role Model


What I hope to achieve in this space is a roll-out of those characteristics embodied in Scrooge McDuck which I have long felt were essential to the repertoire of any person hoping to achieve personal and professional success.

ScroogeDollarEyes 1. Thriftiness - this is often, in the person of Mr. McDuck, expressed as miserliness, and a grasping greed on an almost unimaginable scale. And this, largely, because he has, though his thriftiness (sometimes derisively know as 'penny-pinching') amassed an enormous fortune which allows him to pursue interests at his leisure, do as he likes, and generally have a grand time because he has the wealth, and most importantly; power, which said wealth afford him and this causes enormous envy in others. not to mention backbiting and practices such as defamation and slander, more should follow this great duck's lead rather than denigrate him, and we would all be the better off. Another thing this great wealth allows the McDuck to pursue in the act of...
ScroogeCoins2 2. Philanthropy - you se-- oh, who am I kidding, right? Here, have one...

 Now Reading:
Pickles on the Side, Please. Damn I'm hungry...


3. Incorrigibly Young at Heart -- I'll cut right to it, this is in truth the primary means of any up-and-coming entrepreneur, hustler, pimp... anyone who would challenge the masses or Shock The World-- Stay young at heart, and if you have an old heart, find a young person and get theirs!

Dashing Thru The

January 20, 2011 at 3:25 am (short stories) (Armageddon's Children, Gerk Gently, Photobucket,, Shmouffys Run, Snowhood, Word and Void, ·
More on this one later…….
…Ok, so here are some photocopies to further corroborate the penmanship here is of none other than SigyS____. My apprentice, Stan, brought this to my attention. Some further pieces of info, later….
And the same here, writing style analysis all point to A.P.:
GerkGently, or so he styles himself (wink-wink), has an interesting take on voids and abysses, and his stories mirror others in this regard, or is it the other way around?

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