Friday, March 25, 2011

Super Moon-----and the Search for Joanie Cunningham

Simply, Super... in Blue~ 2011

Shout out to: W. Hermann -a.k.a. 'Bluegass' :altho- he has it the other way...

{Hermann Blugas is one of those guys who can be described as difficult, irascible...
asshole, I suppose. What has always brought us into at least some form 
of camaraderie is a mutual dislike---not really the best of reasons 
to form a -somewhat- 'admiration' society, but what're ya 
gonna do. I'll link here one of his better pieces of work 
that went largely unrecognized in the, now--which
was then, dated Search for Joanie Cunningham
:::from 2012}

This is an facsimile extract, providing an idea of who 
Blugas was professionally, but also as a person except 
some details have been blotto'd to protect..., 
whoever(?). At Malgren's Pharmacy:

"He chugged up his aisle, as I ran up mine. I beat him to the entrance, yet for all his heft he did keep up fairly well. The scene before us was of Burt having apparently been apprehended by a security guard. The hoodie, by contrast, was nowhere in sight.

“What the devil?!” Joe swore, then came to a lurching halt, a look of startled recognition on his face. “Blue-Gass!”

“Oh, well, hell.” The security guard smirked, gently smacking a black baton in the palm of one hand. “If it ain't the Loppster. Crawled out of your boiling pot again, I see. Hech.” He finished with a coarse laugh.

W. Hermann Blugas was his name, and rent-a-cop was his game. And, believe me when I say, all of the jokes about security guards that you've ever heard, apply one hundred-fold to Blugas. He was a large man, like Joe, but (I'm forced to admit) more fit. Yet while his was a wannabe commando/martial arts-type training, Joe's dumpy form was a machine finely honed by more sedentary, intellectual pursuits and ruse practices. And, thus superior, at least to my way of thinking."

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*I want to juxtapose the above Supermoon w/ these shots from the 2017 Eclipse, not full but 50-60% from where taken w/ a phone grab thru one lens of eclipse viewing glasses so as not to fry the camera. 

Baleful eye


moon afire;

sweep me


distant gyre:

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