Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bobojar's Photostream

There are times when, w/out admitting to overt paranoia, it dawns on a person that they are missing out. It's just a feeling, but basically more than a feeling. Could be abandonment issues? Could be...but being skipped for invitations more than once (and more: patternly) tends to cause a person to not only recognize...but dread it. Particularly if one were a social type being forced into an unsociable posture for events out of that person's purview.
And so this person is left sifting through other's photo collections to see just who is lying about who, and who's cheatin' you. The below are mostly mundane unless one were privy to the time stamps on the pics that were seemingly snapped in an-other locale...not the one said people were supposed to be at in that time!
I must learn....a distance from these feelings & issues. But it's a struggle. Mine~

Doll puppetry
dear Lady, A rose

in L. Vegas
Hitchcock TheatRe ... welcome

Night Sky Hand of God

Bear Flakes Under MarigoldDome

Ginger High

[Bobo Gejert @ www.flickr.com :is the ill-favored brother of Sheriff Bert Gejert (fmr. Sheriff, en actual), of who's name & reputation no one has heard... of either of them/]