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Gibby Day

The details of this forgotten holiday celebration have been lost to time until now. Ok, 'holiday' may be stretching it----but it was a celebration; like an Independence Day. ain't free. But what worthwhile is--?--actually many things might. If you choose to party like you're 9 & it's period 4 .. always keep a wise head about you and recall there is always a morning after. As for this, in the process of making it better known, I elected to send it out for critique, as follows:

First off I went with this famous old saw:

Re: Submission: Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest


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On Tuesday, September 15, 2015 7:01 PM, wrote:

By: Mr. Wine
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On Gibby Day we all divorced our girlfriends.

Next, Just 100 words turned out to be roughly 2 short paras., edited to make at least a flash story:

Fianlly, the full story:
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Waiting for word of the results...

{Updated::: Reults in: FAIL}

Okay, yes, so that wasn't a surprise. But since no one else will I'll just have to publish the short right here then::

Gibby Day

On Gibby Day we all broke up with our girlfriends. It was mandated, because Bryce Gibson, Jr. was moving away. Well, not moving, per se – but his family's home had been redistricted that way. So he was to go to a different school next term. Sadness ensued.

The shocks came out of nowhere to the recent brides, honeymoons still fresh in their minds, as Justice of the Peace, Wally-- the marrying kind, took around the 'D' encyclopedia from the classroom set and performed the first divorce at morning recess. One at a time.

Dennis stood alongside his destined -ex, Wally read some mostly unrelated D-word entry and slipped on, “I now declare you divorced!” --at the end. Beth couldn't shut her stupefied mouth long enough for a retort, it came so quickly. While all the boys slapped 'Free Man' Dennis on the back: Congratulations!

An hour later Wally accompanied Jerry up to Sarah, in between geography and math periods. By now word had spread of what was happening. “You married us with the 'M' volume week before last!” She complained..

“Yes,” the Walls replied, “but Gibby is leaving and they all must be free of the ball & chain so that they can keep him company on his journey.”

“But they're not transferring schools,” she pointed out.

Her husband nodded. “I know, it's metagorical. We will be with him in spirit.”

“And where the spirit is willing the flesh cain't be allowed to hold it back-- I now declare you divorced!” Wally pronounced, slapping the book. “Amen!”

At lunch break the girls had begun gathering in a tight-knit group as if this physical display might fend off the hyena-heralds of impending marital doom. It didn't work. Wally read aloud, from the boy's table in the cafeteria, something about Dodos to the girl's and spoke the solemn reverse-vow, severing the bond between me and Julie Huckleberry.

To wit, Julie shouted at me: “You-- You... Statue!”

The class periods that followed were fraught with tension... but not for the boys, now free, who joked with Gibby about this freedom-- how 'Great!' it felt and was such an honor to be like this with him. One final time.

The girls, meanwhile, eyed Gibby with growing anger. They focused in on him with their rage – although he was not the engineer of the die-vestment campaign. As they thought of it.

In their inaugural jubilee, the boys weren't so blinded that they did not catch on to this danger, and agreed to not let Gibby out of their sight for the rest of the day. They formed shifts to bodyguard him lest the jilted wives seek to kidnap him or do violence to him, thus ruining this special day by disfigurement.

Afternoon recess saw the remaining frantic brides attempt a boycott by hiding in the girl's restroom. But Wally read his passage and announced divorce, from the hallway outside -for Mike and Michelle- to where she hid in a stall.

By the end of the day there was just one final divorce to perform, and this was begun hastily while waiting for the buses in front of the school. Wally had to get the book back inside before they locked the doors!

But he wasn't the only one with a book this time. Terry Reader, the girl's leader, had her own. As soon as Wally declared an end to John and Rhonda's marriage, Terry whipped out the 'M' encyclopedia and spoke like this, “Now that we are all free of you, we are going to give Gibby a going away gift of our own.”

The boys tensed, expecting harm to be done to their mate. Said Terry: “We're all going to marry him!”

“Bu-- but you cain't,” spluttered Wally. “That's polygamma. It's illegal!”

“So?” Terry tossed her hair. The other girls did the same.

“Wuhl... Gibby wouldn't be interest anyway,” Chris said, having divorced with Wally on a hall pass. “Would you, Gibs?”

Now, Gibby was a homely boy, and even one girlfriend (to say nothing of a wife) had eluded him, to date. So when presented with such a deluge of an offer he was fairly 'swept away' and moved as if controlled by another. His legs, one after the other, carried him out from amid the protective body of the crowd of boys -his friends!- and over to the waiting arms of the girls.

They embraced him and planted great, luscious kisses to his glowing cheeks, and he could hardly get out the words, “I Do...” fast enough! Wedding him to every girl in the class.

He gaped foolishly from among them, appearing to be the most ineffectual wolf a hen house had ever seen...

“More a weasel than a wolf, wouldn't ya say?” Dennis remarked.

Said Wally, deflated: “I now declare Gibby Day … Over.”

World Book Encyclos
D is 5, M is 13, don't cut up E-6, you'll catch heck

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The Corom Lama -- Edits & Publishing

C**** meaning: P*** opposed to Dalai, meaning: Ocean. Life was never kind to the man who was to become the Corom Lama, but then, he was not nice to it. Doing an edit, re-edit-- this was originally intended to be a full novel, but plans fell thru on that front, so... here were some strays and considerations (I hope to have it completed this fall or by the end of this year):

~He is a sequel character, late of CoI, but O.M. never knew him, or of him==
In this, it is too many voices speaking thru the 2nd Person narrators, and the over-use of different cues & symbols denoting who is speaking. >>
{The recounting of Lama's assassin past was foreshadowing for Lama being alone w/ BoD again--> and BoM is left bereft and frightened ==>

  Make narrative in Present Tense unless a past event is being recalled, otherwise the story is all in the here & now>>>

>Keep BoD dialect the same << -_-_-_>
the 1st GA counters with passages from the Bible used as spells so he can kind of force his way back in--->>
He was one of the disciple's close followers, but had not completely gone thru with the transformation~~>
These are all accusatory:::Every section, every part the narrator is speaking to the Lama (You, You, You) and accusing—>
{{He's done the whole Drugs-thing, and has moved on to going thru peoples garbage,>,

[[The Corom Lama is one of the fmr. Begging Cultists]>

>>>This guy feels that his life has been hijacked, and sidetracked, by another somehow...

 If I can make any sense of that... I will.

[O.K., well, I've managed to navigate the legal hurdles & go international---on the advice of counsel---to get this published and it is up and at 'em on KOBO, which is Rakuten's Kindle-like platform.]

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Head Stuck in a White Picket Fence


Ain't that 'Murica

for Me &-- not You

'It is dangerous to develop that level of delusion—to lie that much;
One needs to know where one stands...' --Someone

Ron English Marilyn Monroe w/ Warhol highlights
M.M. hush puppies

"Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ... in a fiery address vowed enduring opposition to the United States"

--Hey, Ayatollah of Rock'n'Rola ... play LOLA for Us, under those skirts lies a world of hurt but that can all be changed. 'Freedom ain't free!' belched Someone else.


'Say, are you anti-American? I think it’s pretty cool, people should be anti-American'  >>>Sonic Youth dismantle Madchester hype, brand Lou Reed ‘lame’ and slate the British press...'

Lou Reed woulda crushed em down,
put em in a syringe,
then shot em up--
When the high proved disappointing,
he'd puke em out,
gather em up on a sponge,
& wash his nuts with em--
After sudsing with em,
Lou'd use em as axle grease,
or sell em as cut cream to sop the blood...

“Some even claim that I’m a terror, a dictator and they’re right.” --Lou Reed


>One used to think the... that Rock-y should be broken in the Ring, but that the Bell has never sounded -yet. Break it up in a Wrecker'''s yard – for Salvage what can. But who knows, of Castes & Concubines, and the little people who sweep the floors. The Peasantry: this is A-Gipp-a's true legacy. The Cossacks quit on him, as did half the Country, but not the county Fair. Numbers have only grown since the Greatest Heist in Human History...

Look for Appraisers to moo and Re-appraise and add more value; shoo--where Value's lost so the game may begin anew it spins for players, adieu, and what more would we do without it being stuck here as our due: Sue??

Off-season ~Interludes

"I haven't been sleeping well," he said haltingly. "I have... I have pains. ..."
"What kind of pains?"
"Oh, everywhere. In my head. And most of all I have nightmares..."
"You can't cure nightmares with opium."
His forehead, like his hands, grew moist. "I'll be honest with you. I have a girl friend, a girl I like a lot. In fact, I'm thinking of marrying her. But I... I can't do anything with her without taking opiates."

-/-'The Mandarins' (1954)... Simone de Beauvoir

Book covers and old photos make a new title track

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Ever Been to a Biker Shootout?

So you went to Twin Peaks looking for the Log Lady & some pie -- & this happens...

How does one avoid such a thing? You might ask... Well, let's start with some basics, because developing proper cognitive abilities, as much as being able to decipher right from wrong, is absolutely fundamental. Along with reading:

Promise To Read X# of Books - Begin
    Drummer Hoff - Ed Emberley
    ***This Space For Rent***
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 And yet = some of these fellas didn't get the syllabus... or just plain fell asleep during reading time. They may have to miss out on the next Field Trip:

>>Whoop-de-Doo....>> & at 'Twin Peaks' no Less!

*Show & Tell*

  • The deadly Waco biker brawl?

  • =Here's what people were saying (myself incl.):

  • S
    CbM 10 hours ago 9 6
    IDK, but I've never heard of any of these groups. And looking at them, they appear awfully 'clean.' I'm thinking these people are Sons of Anarchy wannabes with Franchisee clubs playing weekend warrior.
    Which makes this thing all the more absurd-- because the Hells Angels & Outlaws of old, they are not. The 'Real' biker gangs had guys that looked like the filth was in their DNA not in a Tattoo, they had their women on the backs who looked rougher than any of these characters, and everything about them spoke of walking/riding degradation and death.
    But these dudes? At least a 4-day week working the phones and systems in an IT Dept....
    Collapse Replies (11) Reply
    • R10 hours ago
      The Bandito's are the real deal gang.
  • T10 hours ago
    I didnt see anyone riding with "White Sneakers"...
  • A10 hours ago
    They are NOT "playing weekend warriors" they ARE the real thing. Thugs!!! MEAN THUGS!!
  • S10 hours ago
    @ Sounds like you watch a lot of TV
  • J10 hours ago
    What an idiotic comment. So they are not scuzzy looking enough for you to label them real badasses? maybe you should invite them over to your house for dinner to see if you can get them to live to up your skumbagg high standards.
  • S10 hours ago
    S - the Bandidos are very real and very violent. They have been around a long time and are known rivals of the HA's. They even have chapters in Europe. They are known drug dealers and mules. They are not SofA wannabees. I don't know as much about the Cossack's, but they are legit. Don't let the lack of an "old look" fool you. These guys are nasty.
  • B10 hours ago
    Yeah, well if those are wannabes I'd hate to see what the people refer to would do....9 dead 18 wounded...I'd say far from wannabes
  • R 10 hours ago
    I must agree with R. The Bandidos are not to be taken lightly. Extremely dangerous. And why would the media not name the gangs? Their pictures all have them wearing their club patches.
  • W10 hours ago
    Smart, actually these thugs will give the Hells Angels a run for their money. They are dangerous and while they are not well known, they are definitely not working phones and systems at an IT Dept. The Bandido's have killed rival gangs including the Hells Angels who came to Texas attempting to start a new club. Don't sell them short, just because they look like they have had a bath doesn't mean they aren't very dangerous.
  • R10 hours ago
    @ W,,, AHAHAHAH you made me laugh so hard with your comment about them giving the Hells Angels a run for their money... The Hells Angels can destroy these weekend warrior banditos anytime. LOLOLOLOL Hells Angels would make the banditos their little biatches lol
  • S 10 hours ago
    R - the Bandidos have been at war with the Hell's Angels since the 1980's. They are well documented. Besides, what's up with the trashtalk. You seem to be rooting for the Hell's Angels like they are your favorite football team. Are you a Hell's Angel wannabee??? Buy a bike first and I don't mean a Trek.

    {And here is an Addendum to this piece, Comments from a later take on events (Nap time will follow w/ apple sauce):

    The Mystery Of The Flying Orange Pumpkin - Steven Kellogg
    I just posted this Gerber I Pledge widget for 250 credits. You can earn free credits too!
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    • Difference b/n perceptions of Waco, Baltimore

      CbM16 hours ago
      I wasn't necessarily paying close-close attention to the pics of the cops. All I saw were them with assault rifles for the most part: whether they were serious or loosy-goosy I didn't seek to determine.

      But the pics and shots of the bikers was incredibly telling. They were lined up, uncuffed like so many minors busted at a kegger. With their phones & devices out texting and maybe making a movie for all I know. I was expecting their parents to pull up at any moment and drag li'l billy off to the car by the ear while mama's swattin' him all along the way.

      It's unreal the difference between white criminal-perps & black legit-protesters.....
      Collapse Replies (4) Reply
      • B16 hours ago
        Mr. S, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
    • J 16 hours ago
      @ s, your sick.
    • J 16 hours ago
      they didn't act ike a damn fool because cops had high powered weapons and would have shot them, and by the way cops are ready for backlash
    • J 16 hours ago
      Did you notice how calmly they waited to be arrested, they knew how to act toward cops. That's the difference between white and blacks, the blacks don't know hoe to act when arrested. That's why they get shot or hurt afterwards. I know both groups are in the wrong but, there is a difference how they react.


[Update}:: 5/25/17 --

Outlaws challenging ‘motorcycle clubs throughout Florida,' cops say...

[[As suspected, it was just a matter of time before the Real 'Outlaw' MCs began to try and make inroads w/ all the wannabe weekend MCers out there. And they are playing for keeps! If left unchecked, I would expect to see the 'Weekend Warriors' numbers drop significantly for fear of the consequences of riding w/out training wheels on... ]]

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Thoughts on the Path to Tragedy

Taken fr. [Redacted] blog of ...

July 28, 2011 at 2:38 am (Terrorism) (9/11, Albacore Graf, analyst, bloggers, celebrities, Doge, French aristocrats, idiota, Islamic University, mystery shopper, nationalism, Norway, Olympics, postmodern, The Dead Pool, Webster's Dictionary) · 

The recent slayings in Norway brought home to me some thoughts and memories I’d believed long stowed away. Let me hasten to add that not only am I not a political person, but I am also not overly religious, either. In fact, hardly at all. (Also, I’d like to add that I am avoiding more individual tragedies here, in light of the recent celebrity demise, or any others).

My personal views tend more to the ersatz philosophy of ‘live and let live’. So when someone acts out in such a way as the horrendous  manner as that witnessed in Scandinavia, it must perforce cause us all to question certain assumptions which many carried upon first hearing the news.

For myself, I have a colleague by the name of Albacore Graf (who I believe I've made reference to – though using the  literary disguising device of ‘Doge’, wonder where he got that? ;) ), who, apart from a really outstanding career as a Consumer specialist and top shelf analyst, liked to moonlight as an essayist.

And this was of a particular type in the wake of 9/11 – he was a self-taught ‘expert’ on all things Islamic (which is silliness personified, as I think best illustrated in a cause célèbre of mine which was entitled, ‘The Islamic University’).

I had bookmarked some pages for future reference, so let me provide a few quotes to show just how far off a cliff some of this thinking can lead {this is all that remains, the rest lost}.

‘…the one where history repeats itself and the pied-pipers of genocide take center stage once again. Calls…’
‘With two-face on your side, who needs enemies? What’s that? I’ll tell you what I…’
‘For Whom the Dolt Tolls'
'The Webster’s Dictionary defines idiot as, 1: a person affected by idiocy, 2: a silly or foolish person [Latin idiota "ignorant person"]. Now why am I pulling…’
‘Arms linked, singing in unison some hokey songs, add in a willingness to pretend that we all get along, if not love each other, mix it all up, and it’s a staged farce really. It reminds me of the Olympics, in its modern reincarnation, designed by some obscure French aristocrat as a showcase for rampant, bitter nationalism.’
‘…uh), which is now postmodern and of absolutely no use to anyone who would like to continue living a sane existence. Or even living at all. So much of the world does seem to be on a hopeless downward suicide spiral. They just don’t know it. Take for example the ‘Wave. You know the Wave that great crowd pleaser that is initiated in stadiums at sporting events, by one group in the stands, then taken up by another and another right next to it, thereby creating the impression of a human wave sweeping the arena?’
‘Sadly the blind buzzards of global blather simply cannot see it. Or, maybe they can? Perhaps this ha/s been their intention all…’
I think that’s quite enough of a random sampling of Graf’s mental processes… all over the board, obviously. I am happy to report, however, that the old codge has received treatment and word is, if he stays on course with his daily libations, he should be perfectly functional in any sane society.

Nonetheless, we’d all be well served to beware the nutters out there passing themselves off as ‘model citizen’.

Update & really Prima Facie for post[5/4/15] : as it happens the recent nutbarama in Garland, TX forced this to the front of my mind all of a sudden and quite unwelcomingly. Whenever you can put cartoons, faith and blasphemy together on the same stage it's usually going to explode. Such got me thinking of the role of religion and the ends of certain historical Eras--- and the unmistakable 'sense of an ending,' and a beginning, in what has been termed, The West. So much so that I ripped thru some newish proposals I'd jotted down over the years and came up with a few new thoughts vis-a-vis this turning of Epochs and how peoples & nations dealt with them.

Sometimes things are our fault... and at others they are not. But in a final analysis: does it matter upon whom the fault is placed? Or why? Proposal:

Keeping in mind that our rulers/elites are in this for the money & power. They don't really care what their religious belief system is-- at what point would any country abandon its age-old belief system if they were able to retain power, and/or avoid persecution themselves?

Would the U.S., or Europe (some nation-states?) abandon Christianity for Islam, say? What force could be strong enough for such a tilt? With the waning of the West, and 500 years of Euro-American domination, the rising power of Asia, Africa.. maybe; one could well imagine a desire for vengeance against former colonialists. 

If we are entering 'The Years of Rice and Salt'... then that which had held sway for so many centuries now is being turned on its head and new parties arising. This is perfectly natural, after all. But the two main ideas and driving forces behind societal organization and relative cultural health, if not civilizational dominance any longer, as mentioned: power & safety.

Everyone loves a winner, but the other impetus' to remain amongst the influential, and avoid persecution, in turn, leads one to imagine just what it may look like, such a decision to abandon major precepts of one's own culture-- indeed, to join an entirely other civilization.

Try this on (I've picked out one country sort of at random, but also for their influence today):

'When Charlemagne forced his Franks, and other Goth nations, to drink the waters of Christianity-- the water ran like wine, red as blood: washing them with outstanding violence into iron maiden arms of the Holy Mother Roman Catholic Church. That maneuver was accorded a shrewd power play.

But the German Information Minister of 1,300 years later has more than a mere power play to consider as he seeks to implement his Chancellor's Mandate:

He must convince a wary, post-modern nation-state to accept the submission of Islam-- if they wish to avoid the looming anti-colonialist pogroms the ascendant Asian & African powers are demanding. Blood sacrifice, in a way, they're crying for ... and only Islam has the efficacy to wash away the sins of their past, as there are not enough tanning products in the world to do the same job.

Only, there remains one particular catch to the plan: "We cannot all convert," he laid it out there on the meeting table around which sat the Chancellor's Cabinet, not yet scaled, filleted. It was, then -- and not surprisingly, met with silence. Eyes turned to neighbors, questioning eyebrows raised.

A cleared throat, some further silence, before the Chancellor broke it, "and... why not?" She asked in a manner of innocence which simultaneously dreads the answer just sought.

"Frau Chancellor," the Information Minister began, and proceeded with difficulty, "you see, it is like this... oh, well, you must know that since the 'prospect'... has been raised publicly-- mm, there is great consternation among some-- nein, many, that this is a ploy of the most cynical opportunism."

"Ah, but who would say such a thing?" The Foreign Affairs Minister gruffled.

"You should know, Herr Minister," the Minister of the Interior challenged, "most of the nations which have been dogging our civilization's heels for years now. They seek suffering."

"If this is the case then what option do we have?" The Chancellor put into the discussion, cutting right to the heart of the matter. "Are we to just roll over and die?"

"I've given this considerable thought and have come up with a solution that just may satisfy the most aggressive of our critics."


"It is a little plan I call, 'Dhimmi in the Bottle.' You see, if only some of us convert, but then a sizeable rump of the population does not, and remains in an infidel category-- then maybe this will work to sate the hunger of those out there who would persecute us."

"You mean, if we sought to systematically persecute this dhimmi portion of the population our own selves?" Interjected an eager Minister.


"Also," this from yet another, "others, foreign Ummah members, when they visit Germany could take a tour through Dhimmi areas and persecute them also."

"It really is all about merely having someone to look down upon, correct?"

"Ja," said the Information Minister. "There have been periods of Islamic history where the non-believers were not encouraged to convert, even those who voluntarily sought to."

"Curious..." spritzed the Chancellor aloud.

"It is a quantifiable fact that the most vibrant Islamic societies of the past were those that had flourishing infidel populations. As long as they were kept in their place, they did contribute much to the overall whole & flowering of the Golden Eras in Muslim history," the Information Minister told the Cabinet, going further, "it is only once there are practically no Dhimmi left that Muslim societies tend to stagnate, and sink."

"Meaning our newly-proposed one should retian quite an edge once we've joined the worldwide Ummah of states in Dar-al-Islam," pointed out the Minister of Defence. "Though I will have to wear a scarf. But there shouldn't be any problem--" She blurted quickly, and with concern.

"Nein-nein," the Information Minister reassured her, "and no full-body burka should be necessary. Women hold public office in Islam." This, to some sighs of relief around the table, rueful grins.

"But, who would agree to take on such a roll?" The Foreign Affairs Minister wondered aloud.

The Interior minister pointed out, "Ja, our nation is one that seeks to do what all the others are doing. Even under the best of cisrcumstances, no one would agree to be left behind."

"I agree, but if it is a sacrifice that will ensure the future of the Volk, we should be able to count on some patriotic volunteers," The Information Minister sounded more hopeful than positive.

"Your idea is feasible," said the Chancellor, "and truthfully better a one than I've heard to date. I believe we may be looking at a National Lottery..."'

>> Is it beyond the realm of possibility, as our world changes and the balance of power shifts, that such an end-game may be employed by some country or countries. Food for thought, nonetheless....

[Now Watching: The Reluctant Fundamentalist]

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The Crim Bits Photo Book

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Turn your favorite photos into a photo book at

>>While the name on the author leaf is a 'Bel M.' ...these are derivative of the oft-scurrilous work of one, Mounce Tibbly(I'm gonna find an Addy 4 this turkey). Of 'Crime Lord' fame; and fmr. employer of both the MSer & Claygoop. While I know what has happened with the former, the fate of the latter in an unknown (?) ... Tibbly's still hangin' w/ his +Size Escorts, I hear.

[Disclaimer: I neither approve or disapprove of the man's work]