Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Corom Lama -- Edits & Publishing

C**** meaning: P***...as opposed to Dalai, meaning: Ocean. Life was never kind to the man who was to become the Corom Lama, but then, he was not nice to it. Doing an edit, re-edit-- this was originally intended to be a full novel, but plans fell thru on that front, so... here were some strays and considerations (I hope to have it completed this fall or by the end of this year):

~He is a sequel character, late of CoI, but O.M. never knew him, or of him==
In this, it is too many voices speaking thru the 2nd Person narrators, and the over-use of different cues & symbols denoting who is speaking. >>
{The recounting of Lama's assassin past was foreshadowing for Lama being alone w/ BoD again--> and BoM is left bereft and frightened ==>

  Make narrative in Present Tense unless a past event is being recalled, otherwise the story is all in the here & now>>>

>Keep BoD dialect the same << -_-_-_>
the 1st GA counters with passages from the Bible used as spells so he can kind of force his way back in--->>
He was one of the disciple's close followers, but had not completely gone thru with the transformation~~>
These are all accusatory:::Every section, every part the narrator is speaking to the Lama (You, You, You) and accusing—>
{{He's done the whole Drugs-thing, and has moved on to going thru peoples garbage,>,

[[The Corom Lama is one of the fmr. Begging Cultists]>

>>>This guy feels that his life has been hijacked, and sidetracked, by another somehow...

 If I can make any sense of that... I will.

[O.K., well, I've managed to navigate the legal hurdles & go international---on the advice of counsel---to get this published and it is up and at 'em on KOBO, which is Rakuten's Kindle-like platform.]

Monday, July 20, 2015

Head Stuck in a White Picket Fence


Ain't that 'Murica

for Me &-- not You

'It is dangerous to develop that level of delusion—to lie that much;
One needs to know where one stands...' --Someone

Ron English Marilyn Monroe w/ Warhol highlights
M.M. hush puppies

"Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ... in a fiery address vowed enduring opposition to the United States"

--Hey, Ayatollah of Rock'n'Rola ... play LOLA for Us, under those skirts lies a world of hurt but that can all be changed. 'Freedom ain't free!' belched Someone else.


'Say, are you anti-American? I think it’s pretty cool, people should be anti-American'  >>>Sonic Youth dismantle Madchester hype, brand Lou Reed ‘lame’ and slate the British press...'

Lou Reed woulda crushed em down,
put em in a syringe,
then shot em up--
When the high proved disappointing,
he'd puke em out,
gather em up on a sponge,
& wash his nuts with em--
After sudsing with em,
Lou'd use em as axle grease,
or sell em as cut cream to sop the blood...

“Some even claim that I’m a terror, a dictator and they’re right.” --Lou Reed


>One used to think the... that Rock-y should be broken in the Ring, but that the Bell has never sounded -yet. Break it up in a Wrecker'''s yard – for Salvage what can. But who knows, of Castes & Concubines, and the little people who sweep the floors. The Peasantry: this is A-Gipp-a's true legacy. The Cossacks quit on him, as did half the Country, but not the county Fair. Numbers have only grown since the Greatest Heist in Human History...

Look for Appraisers to moo and Re-appraise and add more value; shoo--where Value's lost so the game may begin anew it spins for players, adieu, and what more would we do without it being stuck here as our due: Sue??

Off-season ~Interludes

"I haven't been sleeping well," he said haltingly. "I have... I have pains. ..."
"What kind of pains?"
"Oh, everywhere. In my head. And most of all I have nightmares..."
"You can't cure nightmares with opium."
His forehead, like his hands, grew moist. "I'll be honest with you. I have a girl friend, a girl I like a lot. In fact, I'm thinking of marrying her. But I... I can't do anything with her without taking opiates."

-/-'The Mandarins' (1954)... Simone de Beauvoir

Book covers and old photos make a new title track