Saturday, June 17, 2017

Keeping it Mum

Source: - The Mummy

Not sure the CinĂ© quality of this attempted rebirth of monsters-galore; it was a big deal years ago.  But definitely is a sight for sore eyes and faded memory to revisit these suckers---if you recall:::?

A vintage model of the original Universal monster movies-era...

Aurora Model Kits

Et al. of Tangential relation...
It's still likely a project of some conjecture to ponder what was the more affecting to the minds of youngsters and their model depictions of the entertainment fare from those days. If one hasn't the control on what the still-forming minds are watching, hearing, temperance in other areas possible, or is the horse too far gone from the barn at that point?

More to the point, is the horse huffing?? After all, the toxic chemical fumes from the condiments of model making, inhaled either willfully or accidentally, alone, likely accounts for more brain cell damage and then-&-now behavioral problems than could ever be accurately evidenced. I mean, that on top of the government spraying kids from roving trucks of DDT, or tykes playing with the foot X-ray machine in the shoe store------well, it wasn't Gamma Rays....but then it didn't have to be!

We may never know, but sperm count in N. America, Europe and other countries of these similar 'Western' cultures has dropped by half; so if you were planning to pass on your glue n' paint-addled genes you might not even get the chance. And this new-old Dark Universe may be our only lasting legacy...

Mummy Sperm